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Snowhite Free ink fountain pen and traditional fountain pen Comparison
Traditional Fountain PenSnowhite Free ink system Fountain pen
Tip Performance Two tip sizes are available
Moderate Hardness, perfect elasticity. Not easy to corrosion and fracture.
Ink fling MethodThe process is tedious and easy to be contaminated and wasted.The process is easy and simple, no contamination, no waste. The filling process is simlified.
Need to carry and use bottle inkThe ink cartridge is small and portable to ensure continuous writing.
Ink flow controlWhen start writing, tips need to be pressed before normal witing.Start writing atter pulling off the cap,no waiting and writing is smooth.
Easy to leakage, dry ink. Regular cleaning is required and writing quality could be affected.Free-ink system could control the ink flow effectively. The writing is always consistent from beginning to end.