Principles and advantages of free ink pens
 Mar 28, 2022|View:159

Free ink pens, which feature a ballpoint pen and non-redraw ink cartridge, have been developed for more than 10 years due to their convenience, cleanliness, and writing fluency, it has become popular in institutions of all sizes, companies, and enterprises, as well as colleges and universities.

free ink pens

Under the hydraulic action of the writing fluid, the writing fluid passes through the gap between the steel ball and the nib to form the handwriting. Free ink pensare mainly used ball ball ball in writing and paper direct contact friction, ball in the ball seat rolling, take out the ink or ink in the pen core, and follow-up water in the effect of atmospheric pressure continuously added over, for the purpose of writing. As a result, most early free ink pens had a small hole drilled near the end to allow air to circulate.

Free ink pens have a simple structure, easy to carry, writing lubrication, and are suitable for carbon copy and other advantages, from school students to office staff and other people are happy to use. The ballpoint pen is different from the free ink pens. Because it uses dry and thick ink, the ink is transferred to paper by the steel ball which rotates freely on the head of the pen, so it does not leak and is not affected by the climate, and the writing time is long, saves the need to fill the ink frequently the trouble.

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