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Features of the use of liquid ink roller pen

Date: 2019/04/11

Liquid ink roller pen or ball pen is a pen that uses a ballpoint pen writing mechanism with a water-based liquid or glue ink, rather than an oil-based viscous ink found in a ballpoint pen. These less viscous inks tend to be deeper and more widely saturated to paper than other types of ink, giving the roller pointer its unique writing quality. The writing point is a small ball, usually 0.5 or 0.7 mm in diameter, and when the pen moves, it shifts the ink from the reservoir to the paper.

liquid ink roller pen

The liquid ink roller pen of water-based ink, which uses the ink of the pen directly, is the most fluent ink, with a book that is comparable to ink pens and fluid. Also like ink pens are generally easy to infiltration through thin paper, and can not write words on some paper. But because the pen mouth is still the structure of the bead pen, so it is not easy to leak ink. At the time of writing, the curly beads of the pen will move out, and the ink will be brought out, attached to the paper. Because of the rapid shaping of the plastic ink, it is not as easy to penetrate the paper as the water-based ink fiber. When using the neutral pen of the glue ink, the user can write in the paper's two books, but when using water-based ink, because the ink is thinner, easy to penetrate the paper, so that the back of the paper is also full of words. As a result, plastic ink is often used to produce a number of bright color neutral pens. Combined with the above characteristics, it is widely used in life.

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