FAQs of medical skin marker pen
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A medical skin marker penis used by medical personnel to mark a patient's skin during medical procedures. Gentian violet solution as ink, divided into conventional and very fine nib and other specifications.


1. Material of medical skin marker pen?

Medical skin marker penink is made from a special polymer material. The pigment in the ink is made into a microcapsule, which is sterilized by R-rays. It uses long-lasting, low-odor, environmentally friendly ink that can write smoothly on human skin, harmless and non-irritating to the human body. The pigment particles are between 5-10 microns, so the pigment will not enter the skin safely.


medical skin marker pen

2. What is the purpose of medical skin marker pen?

Used in radiologic research and therapeutic settings, as well as in surgery and dermatology, where medical staff mark and locate patients on their skin. With the use of non-toxic, non-irritating environmental protection medical ink, the mark on the skin is clear and safe to use. The normal is purple, and the size of the pen head is 1.0 mm.


3. How do you remove a medical skin marker pen?


It is not easy to erase, but fast, safe, and simple to fix the mark and disinfect with iodophor. Low concentration acid alcohol can be used to remove the mark, which can be widely used in general surgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, and radiotherapy.


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