What are the characteristics of liquid ink roller pens
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Liquid ink roller pens have the advantage of being heavier, easier to write on and more comfortable and smoother to use, but have the disadvantage of not being able to replace the refill. Liquid ink roller pen is neither ball-point pen nor neutral pen. It is one of the best pen products with the best writing performance and quality.

Liquid ink roller pen is composed of a pen cap, a pen head body, an ink storage device and a pen stem. This pen feels comfortable to write, ink viscosity is low, and increase easy to lubricate the material, the viscosity of the writing medium between water and oil, so more smooth than ordinary oil ballpoint pen.

liquid ink roller pen

The biggest difference between a liquid ink roller pen and a ballpoint pen is that the paint inside the pen is liquid ink, whereas a ballpoint pen usually contains a thicker pigment, mostly oily pigments or thick water-based pigments.

Liquid ink roller pen principle: the liquid ink in the ink tank infiltrates the ink pipe, flow through the ink pipe to the pen tip, through the ball at the tip of the pen to drive on the paper to leave a mark; The ink guiding device can prevent the ink from spilling and allow the gas to enter the pen, balancing the internal and external air pressure to make the ink flow out smoothly.

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