Viscosity and preparation of RT GEL PEN ink
 Apr 25, 2022|View:140

RT GEL PEN combines the advantages of a fountain PEN and an oil-based ballpoint PEN. It is comfortable to write with a low ink viscosity and an appropriate lubricant. The viscosity of the writing medium is between water and oil, therefore, it is more smooth than an ordinary oil-based ballpoint pen, is the upgrading of oil-based ballpoint pen products, ink viscosity is a key issue affecting the quality of ink.


The viscosity of RT GEL PEN ink is not a simple concept in our daily thickening. Neutral ink has not only a certain consistency and viscosity but also a general ink with Pock denaturation and strong false shrinkage, on the one hand, it can protect the dispersed pigment particles with independent stable structure, on the other hand, it can have shear stress and shear rate, so as to ensure that the high viscosity of the ink in the pencil core can achieve the goal of no leakage of the pen tip, when writing, the ball ball ball of the pen head is rotated to cut the ink with low viscosity to meet the requirement of writing smoothly and without stagnation. Ink viscosity is too high will make the ink in the ink storage tube has the possibility of writing dirty, and viscosity is too low and there will be water, start, and stroke of ink phenomenon. It is a key process to select a suitable thickener and mix it carefully.


RT GEL PEN's ink differs from ordinary ink in that it is not only smooth but also lubricated. The lubricant is added to reduce the friction between the ball and the seat, so that the loss of kinetic energy a minimum, in order to get a more comfortable writing feel. Solving the problem of ink lubricity is also a system of integrated complementary. It is characterized by the presence of additives and solvents with greater polarity, as well as a reasonable combination of surface activity and lubricants, since the two are particularly closely related, the far-fetched side of the ink will be affected by the effect.

The key to realizing the lubricity of RT GEL PEN ink is to have a lubricant, which is mainly a large molecular weight lubricant or grease, supplemented by additives and Surfactant, reasonable cooperation in order to get better results. Neutral ink due to high viscosity, so the use of auxiliaries, solvents to polarity, the especially significant wetting effect of alcohol, organic ether-based, to effectively break the ink interwoven fabric pull, you can also choose organic solvents suitable for pigment dispersion, can also be supplemented with a certain amount of Surfactant, to adjust the ink intermittent performance, continuous writing performance, and ink output.

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