Classification of tips for RT GEL PEN
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RT Gel PEN combines the advantages of a fountain PEN and an oil-based ballpoint PEN. It is comfortable to write with a low ink viscosity and an appropriate lubricant. The viscosity of the writing medium is between water and oil, therefore, RT GEL PEN is more smooth than ordinary oil-based ballpoint PEN, which is an upgrade of oil-based ballpoint PEN products. The tips of RT GEL PEN can be divided into several types according to their shape.


Bullet Heads: If you look closely at the RT GEL PEN heads, they look like a bullet. In the manufacturing process, we use metal cutting to cut an original bar into a complete pen head. Bullethead type is suitable for making a thicker pen head, the market is more than 0.5 mm, and the thickest can reach 1.2 mm.

Needle-tube type: usually, we call this type of pen head "full needle". The key difference between it and a bullet pen is that it is made in a non-cutting manner. Before being made into a nib, it is a complete tube, with precision instruments striking three dimples in three directions at the front of the tube to form a bowl seat for the balls, while the latter forms a triangular groove for the oil. The ink flows out through the oil groove and then takes out the ink through the ball rolling to complete the writing process. The needle-and-tube type is suitable for making thin pen tips, such as 0.3 mm, 0.25 mm, etc...


Half-pipe: half-pipe between the bullet and the needle head (actually belong to the bullet, is cut by a rod), more beautiful shape. The tip of the pen can be as thin as a needle, and the end of the pen is as large as the end of a bullet. The half-pin type can be used to make relatively thin pen tips, such as 0.38 mm, 0.35 mm, etc...

RT GEL PEN according to the type of PEN, ink color, and structure can be divided into different types, you can choose according to their needs.

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