Characteristics and advantages of a liquid ink roller pen
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The liquid ink roller pen, which is characterized by a ballpoint pen and a non-reink liquid ink roller pen core, has been developed for more than 10 years due to its convenience, cleanliness, and writing fluency, it has become popular in institutions of all sizes, companies, and enterprises, as well as colleges and universities.

liquid ink roller pen

The liquid ink roller penis mainly made of water. Under the action of the writing fluid, the writing fluid passes through the gap between the steel ball and the tip of the pen to form the handwriting. It is mainly to make use of the direct contact between the ball bearings and the paper surface to generate friction when writing, so that the ball bearings roll in the ball seat, bringing out the ink or ink in the pen core, and the follow-up water is continuously replenished under the effect of atmospheric pressure, for the purpose of writing. As a result, most early liquid ink roller pen cores had a small hole drilled near the end to allow air to circulate. Unlike the liquid ink roller pen, the ink is dry and thick, and the ink is transferred to the paper by the freely rotating steel balls on the tip of the pen, so it does not leak and is unaffected by the weather, and the writing time is long, saves the need to fill the ink frequently the trouble. The most common liquid ink roller pen is a pen made of steel ball, felt-tip pen, plastic, brush, and fluorescent pen. The liquid ink roller pen is more tasteless than an oily pen. The pen tip is not easy to dry, and its handwriting is light-resistant but not water-resistant. It will render when exposed to water, it's easy to cut off the water if you fall.

liquid ink roller pen

This pen is stronger and more durable than the ordinary pen, but if used improperly, often can not write, this is mainly due to dry solid ink bond around the ball to prevent ink flow. Ink is a viscous oil, is made of linseed oil, synthetic pine nut oil, mineral oil, hard glue into lampblack, and so on.

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