Characteristics of a liquid ink roller pen
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The utility model relates to a liquid ink roller pen, which is composed of a pen cap, a pen head body, an ink storage device, and a pen rod, the rear end of the liquid ink roller pen steelhead is inserted into the front end of the connecting socket and a water guide core is inserted.

The connecting socket is a pipe with the front end diameter less than the rear end diameter, the pen tongue is provided with a longitudinal return airway hole and a longitudinally distributed annular slot, the return airway is inserted into the return airway hole, and a longitudinal infusion slot and a suction infusion slot communicated with the return airway hole are arranged on the outside of the pen tongue, the tail part of the water diversion core is inserted into the front end of the air return pipe hole, and the front end of the ink storage device and the pen rod are connected with the tail part of the pen item, the cone-shaped tube has a water blowhole of 40 ° to 50 ° with the water diversion core, a longitudinal water blowhole on the side of the front hole of the pen top, a core ink shell between the connecting socket and the pen tongue, and a core ink shell which is a stepped tube with a front end diameter less than the back end diameter, the front end of the core ink shell has 150 to 200 mesh wire mesh and is inserted into the back end of the socket. The tail of the core ink shell is in contact with the pen tongue.

liquid ink roller pen

Liquid ink roller penis a ball pen or a neutral pen? A liquid ink roller pen is neither a ballpoint pen nor a neutral pen. It is by far the best pen product in terms of writing performance and quality.

Advantages of liquid ink roller pen:

1. Write fluently the whole process of writing do not leak ink, continuous ink, do not dilute ink, effectively avoid other pen products (especially neutral pen) writing problems;

2. Unique ink control system, the whole writing line trace as one, until the last drop;

3. The product quality is stable, the pen head resistance falls strong (especially the needle tube pen head product) ;

4. Especially suitable for daily writing volume is large & writing speed of students, and business, office personnel.

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