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What is free ink rollerball writing pen

Date: 2019/04/09

The free ink rollerball writing pen uses a tiny rotating ball to drip liquid ink into the paper. The gel pen and ballpoint pen use the same ball mechanism to store the ink, but use gels and oil-based inks, respectively. The terms "ball", "ballpoint pen" and "ballpoint pen" are occasionally used more widely to refer to any pen with a rotating ball on the nib, but we will use "rolling ball" to refer only to liquid pen. Not all manufacturers provide detailed information about their ink, so although we have done our best to limit this guide to liquid ink rollers, we may inadvertently include some pens with gel-based padding content. We will continue to study and update this guide as appropriate.

free ink rollerball writing pen.jpg

Like a fountain pen, the use of free ink rollerball writing pen means that the abrasive particles require less writing pressure than the ballpoint pen. This reduces the fatigue of the hand and leads to a more comfortable writing experience. Roller pens tend to have more feedback than gel pens and ballpoint pens because their ink is thin. Some writers prefer a tactile connection to the paper provided, but for those that do not provide paper, a wider flip-and-turn writing option provides a more lubrication feel which makes it easier for us to use him better in our daily lives.

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