The application of liquid ink highlighter pen
 Apr 02, 2019|View:194

The liquid ink highlighter pen is the new mark used in recent years, with thicker, lighter ink covering the key parts to mark, do the mark, do not block the text at a glance. Fluorescent pen has fluorescent agent, it encountered ultraviolet light will produce a fluorescence effect, emitting white light, so that the color appears to have a dazzling sense of fluorescence. Commonly used in office learning.

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The liquid ink highlighter pen has a fluorescent agent, which produces a fluorescence effect when it encounters ultraviolet light, emitting white, thus making the color appear to have a glaring fluorescence sensation. The fluorescence of the fluorescent pen is not the same as that of our watches and fluorescent rods, and the fluorescent rods react internally, producing rays that excite the peripheral phosphor to glow, so they glow without any ultraviolet light at night. And the fluorescent pen must have ultraviolet light will only be fluorescent, this point you just put the fluorescent pen handwriting close to the mosquito lamp, the banknote detector can be seen very clearly.

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