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The development trend of low viscosity ball pen in China

Date: 2019/03/29

Low viscosity ball pen can also be called a neutral pen, which originated in Japan, is a novel writing tool which is popular in the world at present. According to the pen type, ink color, structure and so on can be divided into different types of neutral pens, we can choose according to their own needs. Neutral pen with the advantages of tap water pen and oily ballpoint pen, writing feel comfortable, ink viscosity is low, and increase easy lubrication of the material, writing medium viscosity between water and oil, so more smooth than ordinary oily ballpoint pen, is an upgraded product of oily ballpoint pen. The size of the low viscosity ball pen tip is roughly divided into two size are 1.0mm and 0.5mm.

low viscosity ball pen

At present, there are four main reasons restricting the development of China's neutral pen industry, including the quality of nib, ink quality and the backwardness of major equipment, such as three problems, belong to the category of production and technical problems, the other is individual neutral pen production enterprises, with inferior or lower quality standards of products and hard to imagine low prices, participate in domestic and foreign market competition Although this is part of the enterprise's own marketing concept, but if it is extended, the consequences are unthinkable. Therefore, in the quality should be strictly controlled, do not produce inferior products.

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