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Why more and more people choose to use pens with custom logo

Date: 2019/03/21

Nowadays, more and more pens with custom logo appear, many people may think that the pen should be metal material, so that the grade and appearance will have a different promotion, but the plastic pen also has its own advantages of the first is its light weight, with heavy is good to work, long writing is not tired.

pens with custom logo

For plastic materials can also make a lot of different color patterns and translucent styles, compared to brass pens the biggest advantage is more corrosion resistance, brass pen outside the paint may be worn off in 10 years, the corrosion of the hand sweat is very strong, even if the corrosion resistance of brass is good, long time use will still appear copper rust, Once the paint surface wear area is too large, use the pen, the hand will also have the taste of metal copper. By comparison, plastics do not have these problems. So people are becoming more and more fond of using pens with custom logo.

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